A Little Bit About Me

My full name is Janeileen, but go by Jane.  Random fact: I was named after a contestant my mom saw on the Price is Right back in 1985, and she thought to name me that, but misspelled.  Interesting right?

I want to refrain from putting a boastful description about me here, because the truth is I am just Jane.  I'm an ordinary person trying to do extraordinary things in this lifetime, and that includes trying to help as many womxn as possible.  My purpose is to discover self-care and mindfulness through wellness for others.

I began my own journey when I realized a lot of my past trauma had ganged up on me when I became a Mom.  I began gaining a majority of my weight when I was 21, after the loss of my Grandmother, and learning how to be wife when I married my husband of now 13 years, James.  I had to face a lot of my programming and past histories with family, relationships and friendships. I possessed no coping mechanisms, and began to turn to food as a means to bury the hurt and feel better about myself.  I became a yo-yo dieter, a closet eater and started cycling though episodes of trying to get my physical health together, but my mental health was never addressed.

I was blessed with my first child, and suffered from severe Post Partum Depression.  I weathered a lot of rough moments and I continued to turn to food as my source comfort.  2 years later I had my second child, and that is where my depression and weight gain peaked.  I put myself on the back burner to care for my children, to be a wife, to be someone for everyone else when I wasn't present for myself.

I remember one day I decided to go to the gym down the street, as an outlet, to get away for 30m and do some cardio.  I remembered they had a kids club, so it seemed like a good plan.  Well, I cried on the elliptical, ran into the locker room, gather myself together, and went back on the elliptical and finished.  It was then I felt like I had accomplished something, and wanted to keep chasing that feeling.

It was from 2009 to 2013, I had nearly reached 220lbs, and began finding my own way of losing the weight.  I had failed at many attempts and methods, from medical weight loss centers, different supplements, diet methods, and couldn't figure what would help me for the long run.  It was a high and low process, and I managed to lose 100lbs (with weight gain and loss) and kept it off.  

In 2013, I was at my lowest weight ever, and felt confident about my abilities to keep pushing myself physically, and had been watching friends compete in bodybuilding competitions for a year.  I thought to myself, "Why Not?" - so I researched what it required and how I could get on stage.  It was my first time hiring a coach, and I buckled down and followed a strict regimen for 13 weeks, and was able to meet my goal.  I continued, and became addicted, to competing, and had managed to do 14 competitions within 3 years.  During that time, is when I really began to unravel.  

From my weight loss and having 2 children, I was left with stretch marks, loose hanging skin and was extremely self conscious about my body even more AFTER losing the weight.  I became insecure and didn't know how to cope with this imperfection, until I realized that this was an opportunity, to turn the hurt into healing, by sharing it with the world.  I wasn't seeing many women who had my issue back when social media was brand new (2011), so I started to share my journey in hopes that it would maybe reach people.  

Within my competing journey, I studied and became a Certified Personal Trainer so I could understand my competition prep plans more, and found a passion in the process.  I was still working full time in Pharmaceutical Research, and played with the idea of wanting to help and coach fellow Moms who wanted to lose weight.  I had no idea, that there was a need, and I began coaching online starting in 2014.

I went on to coach well over 2k women, and even began to coach women for bodybuilding competitions as well, starting JJBikiniSquad.  The goal with the team was to gather women from different walks of life, wanting to find strength and do something for themselves, and had a bucket list goal of getting on stage.  I left my career in 2015 and pursued training full time, and it took me down a path so fulfilling.  I continued to learn more about myself, began studying more, built a brand and business, and haven't stopped going.  I now own Movement fx Health Studio, co-own Simply Prepped Nutrition, and have a couple of more things getting ready to launch.  

In the midst of the past 10 years of my life, I have accomplished a lot, but the biggest one was learning who I am, discovering how to live, and loving it for what it is and what it once was.  I gave myself a new lease on life and am still becoming.

So who am I?

Mom of 3


Sister, Daughter, Friend

A Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, A Competition and Posing Coach

A Life Coach

An Entrepreneur

An Empath

A Female Empowerer

A Womxn On A Mission

More to come as I continue to discover my magic and power.