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Movement fx Health Studio


Competition + Posing Coaching

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Online Health Coaching


Virtual Training Sessions

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Online group and private person training sessions

Due to the change in how our world is, I've pivoted into a new space of performing online group and one on one training sessions via Zoom!  It has been such a pleasure being able to interact with all my clients from all over the world.  The workouts are scaled for each participant based on what they have at home.  These workouts are 45m long, and are extremely fun and upbeat!  

In the short 2 months (March 2020), I have seen physical and mental transformations from many clients which have helped them push past this temporary circumstance due to COVID-19.  So much, that I've decided to keep this on board as a new provided service.

Achieving results with a sound approach.

My purpose is:

-To provide guidance for those who need to be held accountable for their efforts

-Facilitate mindset and perspective shifts, to allow for a healthier approach without mental strain

-Giving others purpose in their training by guiding them towards longevity and sustainable habits

Embarking on a fitness journey is more than physical, it's just mental, 100%.  I do all that I can to push and bring the best out of everyone I help.  If you are unable to train in person, this option is a good choice if you are ready to take the next step.  I train people of all levels: from people who have a fear of the gym, to those who are avid gymgoers and need structure and oversight on their progress.  To someone who needs help with developing lifelong tools in living a healthier lifestyle.

I provide detailed workout programming, meal planning, weekly check-ins and emotional support.  I specialize in strength and endurance, weightloss, fatloss, peri-natal/pre-natal/post-partum health, women's fitness and health, body recomposition, nutrition coaching and mindset coaching.  This is all delivered through a health app to track progress on different forefronts.

For aspiring women bodybuilding athletes

Getting on stage is a huge commitment, and requires a strong support system as well as the most detailed guidance.  My coaching is very individualized, you will receive detailed workout protocols, nutrition planning, supplement and cardio guidance to get you competition ready.  I provide a support group for my athletes, as well as extreme hands-on guidance with posing, stage presence, expectations from the league you choose to compete in and if local, day of the show help to make sure you are 110% prepared to take on the special day!  As a Bikini Athlete myself I understand the demands of contest prep, and will make sure you have the support you need.

The most important part of a coaching relationship is that we are a good fit for one another.  To inquire and doing an online Zoom consultation, please send a email using the link below.

In-person training sessions & coaching appointments 

My experiences with hands on fitness training include a focus endurance, strength, power and progressive movements within an environment of pure motivation. The unique program I developed for every client is based on their needs and goals.  A combination of strategic planning as well as a healthy nutrition approach will yield desired and sustainable lifelong results.