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My Client Tribe Love.

There aren't enough words words I can use to describe how much love and respect I have for my coach, Jane Joaquin.  Her story moved me and has inspired me to go for something I've been wanting for the better part of a year.  I have gone through a few trainers before her but none have gotten me the same results.  I started with her lifestyle prep and was so impressed I committed myself into bikini prep. In only three months she has been able to target what I considered my "problem" area, three months and in my legs alone I have lost THREE INCHES.  I have never felt healthier both physically and mentally and I have her to thank for it.  

A recent change in schedule has made it possible for me to train once a week at Self Made and it has been quite the experience, both working out and posing. As soon as I walked in I instantly felt welcomed and comfortable. The atmosphere is great and it makes the ride so much more enjoyable.  I look forward to kicking off my weeks with my Monday workouts at Self Made with my Coach. It sets the tone and only gets better from there.

Melanie N.

I came to [Jane] 2 years after my 3rd child was born weighing between 150-154lbs. I was the heaviest I have ever been and I was OK with that. Until I saw her own personal transformation. The girl is fierce and has HEART in everything she does. I came to her wanting a transformation and a lifestyle change and she helped me achieve all that and more! This is my second round to an 8 week prep and she has helped me get down to 129lbs. I appreciate the time and effort she has provided to me as her client and I recommend anyone who is willing to put in the work to reach out to her. You sign up with #jengaleng and you're already #winning!

Andrea S.

I am a full time Marine wife, full time mother, and have a full time job. All while my husband is deployed (Marine). I found out I have a hypothyroidism disease and been working with my Dr to get my numbers where they need to be. I started my journey back in September with JANE JOAQUIN.  Jane has helped me lose over 30lbs. and I have had overcome a lot of the challenges with hypothyroidism thanks to her!!

Shay V.

I love Jane. She approaches fitness and training with not only the physical in mind but the emotional and mental components as well. Her ability to take each athletes’ stage of life into consideration makes her stand out from other coaches that are just looking for another client. Jane is mindful of the best fit needed between athlete and coach. She makes an effort to foster the relationship a sustainable lifestyle change requires. This allowed my 13 week bikini prep to be enjoyable for both of us. I will always appreciate that instead of fearing an athlete with health challenges, Jane embraced me and helped me achieve my goal.

Lenae C.

I started with Jane back in April of 2018, I was at a time in my life where I was gaining weight, I felt horrible, my self esteem was shot and I was spiraling out of control. Then I met Jane. Now, I've had trainers in the past, I've lost weight, I've yo-yo dieted, I've gained but I never learned how to LIVE and MANAGE a healthy lifestyle. Jane has taught me SO much in the few months that I've been with her, her passion and drive when she is in her zone training is unlike anything I have ever seen. She has made it possible for me to feel like I CAN DO THIS and I AM DOING THIS. I am gaining my life back, my confidence! The way she customizes my meal plans and taught me about macros and foods is just amazing. In the beginning, food was my fear, little by little I learned each week and Jane took the time to explain to me and teach me. The workouts are the BEST, Jane focuses in when she's training me, making sure my form is right and teaching me new things. She also makes her workouts fun, I love her personality! I am a completely different person, mentally and physically compared to who I was in April when I started. I HIGHLY recommend Jane to anyone and everyone looking to change their routine, to find someone who helps inspire you, because that is exactly what Jane has done, she has been nothing but amazing and I am blessed to have found her.

Carly T.

I highly recommend Jane for personal training! She is very knowledgeable and gives you her full undivided attention. Since being with Jane I have had some setbacks with my knee and she refocused my workouts to cater to my injury, surgery and recovery while always making sure I am safe . She keeps me motivated and whenever I leave her studio I feel amazing.

Deanna E.

I have been with Jane for almost four years. My husband gave me a gift of personal training and it’s the best thing that could have happened to me. I was the heaviest I had ever been and her knowledge and personal experience encouraged me to lose almost 30lbs. Jane has guided me through multiple health issues and injuries, modifying workouts to my ability. She gives you 100 percent of her attention and is dedicated to giving the best experience possible.

Carolina B.

I’m so grateful for you Jane and her program. It was exactly what I needed to get on track to living a much healthier lifestyle. You provided me with tools I need to maintain it long after the program ends. I am so much stronger physically. I became more disciplined in my eating and making the gym a habit. I by far seen the biggest change in my arms and legs. Thank you for everything!

Lisa O.

This was my first time doing a program with a coach.   I did her 8 Week Online Program, and it was awesome.  I learned a lot and Jane answered all the questions that I had, she was very helpful, motivating and taught me a lot. During this time I was always motivated and never felt hungry, the nutrition plan was awesome and I never thought I could lose weight eating such delicious meal plans.  Oh boy!  She really know what she's doing, and is definitely the best.

Luz C.

Jane Joaquin has been instrumental in changing my attitude towards living a healthy lifestyle. I have suffered from Hashimoto's my entire adult life. I have always desired to be fit, but struggles with my medical illness have kept me from achieving my goals. I have had many ups and downs, but the downs made me depressed and sometimes kept me down for months. When  I was up, I enjoyed being active, but I couldn't push through the downs. It wasn't until I worked with Jane that I looked at fitness and healthy eating as a lifestyle and not just a goal to achieve and be done. Lifestyle is lifelong and there will be ups and downs, and it's okay as long as you have balance. Her own personal struggles are inspirational and she has been a great fit for me, as my trainer, in my own personal struggles. Thank you Jane!

Karen H.

I have been working with Jane for about 4 months and I am so impressed with this woman!  I have worked with a couple of coaches and I can tell you this is the best I've ever felt while trying to lose weight and re-composition by body.  I have a background as a bikini competitor and a history of eating disorders.  I came to Jane and told her my story and she has worked with me to not only meet my goals but to do it in a way that isn't detrimental to my mental health.  Now I enjoy my workouts, I get to eat foods I love, and all by following her guidelines and not an end-all-be-all regimen.  Jane is a wonder woman of her own and practices what she preaches.  She always has your best interest at heart and is there for you every step of the way (even with 3 kids she's INCREDIBLY responsive to inquiries!).  So lucky to have the opportunity to work with this woman!

Kelsey R.

I couldn't have made a better choice by choosing to have Jane be my coach and mentor!  After becoming very discouraged with the lack of results I was getting, I decided to reach out to Jane.  Upon our very first contact, I knew that she was the one for me. Her genuine love for the sport of competing and compassion for everyone who she works with is what drew me to her instantly! With Jane, I'm not just another client.  I'm a human being who is different than the other girls and who has specific needs due to health issues.  Jane has not only been able to address those needs, she's worked around them and catered to them specifically, giving me the absolute BEST results I've had thus far with anyone.  I'm not considered just another competitor.  With Jane, I'm treated as a unique individual and I have a personal relationship with her.  That's very hard to find in this industry! 

Jane's unique style of creating a specific meal plan, workout and posing routine for each of her clients is what makes her stand above the rest!  She's a wealth of knowledge and truly wants for all of her clients to succeed no matter what part of the journey they're on in life.  Jane has honestly been one of the best things that's happened to me so far in this journey.  Without her guidance, advice and caring heart, I'd be back in that dark hole I was in right before coming to her.  I'm forever grateful and honored to call her my coach, mentor and FRIEND!

Cristi R.

I met Jane a few years back via Instagram when I came across her account and decided to become her Lifestyle client. It has changed my life and I am grateful to have found her. Her plans whether its for lifestyle or for competition, have really worked for me. They are easy to follow and she listens to what you like but also makes sure to give you what you need to succeed in your fitness or healthy lifestyle goals. I trust her and I love that she keeps me accountable and encourages me. Being a part of her movement is like being a part of a club of empowered women. Getting a coach is honestly a must for women like me who struggle with healthy lifestyle. Getting Jane is a must if you want someone who as a woman and mother can relate to our struggles. Join her, join us!

Elaine A.

I found Jane last year when we moved to Temecula, I’ve always wanted to get a trainer to show me how to work out the proper way. Along with learning technique I finally feel Like I understand nutrition, and how to make it work for your body. I always thought I had to cut carbs and eat less to lose weight and gain muscle. Boy was I wrong!
During this whole COVID-19 pandemic Jane has been there helping not only me, but all her clients keep our mental and physical health in line. She’s a genuinely amazing person and I feel very lucky to have found her. One goal has always been to get on stage for a fitness competition after having babies and I’m happy to say I’ll be doing that in August. Along with all the knowledge and muscles I’ve gained 😄 I’ve met some inspiring women, and are proud to be part of this tribe!

Karina H.

I love training with Jane, she is such an amazing trainer and so knowledgeable about nutrition and special needs of her clients. She has helped me break through my issues to help reach my goals! I can’t wait to work with her to reach my latest goal to compete in a bodybuilding competition! Absolute love her gym and the personal setting it’s perfect!! She has helped me navigate my food limitations and health problems to reach my peak performance and love her personality and fun style of training while challenging us to work hard! Looking forward to crushing more goals with her at Movement fx.

Gwen C.

Jane is a passionate down to earth trainer that knows what she is doing. The studio that she has brought to life is clean and well equipped. She has all the knowledge and tools necessary to guide you and help you elevate your fitness level from what ever level you are currently at.  She helped me lose 20+lbs and how to do it the healthy and manageable way.  You will not regret investing in yourself for training with the Jengaleng!

Megan B.

Jane helped me get into the best shape of my life, even as an overworked mother of two kids. :) she’s firm but understanding, and can tailor your plan to your life, YOU just need to commit to YOURSELF to follow through.

Kirin M.

There are no words to describe Jane. She truly makes you feel special and is there for you no matter what. You not only gain knowledge and strength but a genuine trainer and coach as a friend. You won’t regret investing into yourself in this way.

Jennifer W.